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Welcome to our job platform!! 🎊

Here you will find information about how our platform works, post job offers, answer questions and doubts, tips to improve your profile and job search or recruitment experience. Trabajosonline Logo

What is Trabajosonline?

💼 Trabajosonline is a job portal where you can find job offers for salaried employees and freelancers in the IT, Fintech, Web3, and Marketing technology sectors. 💻

  • Technology and Engineering: Fullstack, Frontend, Backend, Crypto, Developer, Engineer 💻
  • Marketing and Finance: Marketing, Finance 📊
  • Executive and Senior Roles: Executive, Senior 💼
  • And Others: For other types of jobs that do not fit the above

This documentation will assist you throughout the job search process for Users, Freelancers, and companies searching for candidates:

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Networks - Groups



  • We invite you to explore the new documentation and hope you like it! 🚀 Feel free to leave your comments on Discord