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How to Complete Your Profile 📝

Through our platform, you have the ability to update your profile easily. Once you have logged in, go to the button located in the top right corner, which is marked with the icon of your user 🧑. By clicking on "Profile", you will directly access your personal profile.

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In this section, you can modify and update all relevant parameters of your profile, ensuring that your information is always up-to-date and accurately reflects your professional experience and skills 💼.

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Tips for Filling Your Profile-CV

To increase your opportunities when applying for job offers, it is essential to keep your resume (CV) completely detailed and constantly updated, including your photograph 📸. Here are some key tips to optimize your profile:

  • Authenticity of Information: Make sure to provide accurate and truthful information. It is important to remember that recruiters can verify the information provided 🔍.

  • Professional Social Networks: Include links to your social networks, prioritizing those that are related to your area of expertise. For programmers, platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and GitHub are especially relevant 🌐.

  • Salary Expectations: Be clear about your salary preferences, including the desired annual median salary and hourly rate. This transparency will make it easier for potential employers to understand your expectations 💰.