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Post a Freelancer Job

How Freelancer Jobs Work - Security Deposit 💼

When considering posting job offers for freelancers or independent workers, it's fundamental to understand the dynamics and functioning of this type of collaboration. A critical aspect to consider is the payment method for services provided by freelancers. For this, a security deposit 🛡 is used, ensuring that the work performed is duly compensated.

How Does the Security Deposit Work?

Once the client and the freelancer have agreed on the services to be performed, the delivery deadline, and the agreed price, the funds are deposited through an escrow contract 📝. These funds are held by a third party in case of fiat currency, or by a smart contract in case of cryptocurrencies, until the completion of the work.

Once the freelancer has completed the assigned tasks, they request the release of the funds. These are then released by the client, thus completing the payment process.

Posting a Freelancer Job Offer

To post a freelancer job offer, go to our job posting page. This space allows you to fill out and customize various aspects of the offer, ensuring the information is clear and detailed to attract the most suitable candidates.

Post a Freelancer Job Offer

Key Aspects to Include in Your Announcement

When drafting a job offer for freelancers, it's important to include the following aspects:

Payment Modalities for Freelance Jobs

Within the freelance realm, there are various payment modalities to adapt to different types of projects and needs:

  • Fixed Price: This modality involves the payment of a previously agreed fixed amount for the completion of a specific task or project 🏷.
Specify the type of salaried or crypto work
  • Hourly Rate: This option allows setting a payment rate per hour worked. It's crucial to specify the desired rate, for example, $10/hour. This modality is suitable for jobs requiring flexibility in terms of dedicated hours 🕓.
How to post an hourly offer

It's important to highlight that once the job offer has been posted, interested freelancers can send their proposals. The client can then review the proposals and select the most suitable work form for their project.

Payment for Freelancer Job Offer Ads 📈

The publication of Freelancer offer ads is free, Trabajos Online charges commissions Fees to the client (5%) and the Freelancer (10%) for using the platform see in the Trabajos Fees section